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Cemetery Burials

A Popular Memorial Option the Opens a Connection to the Past and Future

Although alternatives to it such as cremation and donating the body to science have gained some momentum in recent years, a cemetery burial is still by far the most popular option when it comes to dealing with the remains of a loved one.

Part of the reason for this is that a cemetery burial is not without its charm. Having a cemetery burial ensures that friends and family members will be able to come and Cemetery Burials have been a tradition for many families throughout the agespay tribute to the departed for many years to come. A cemetery burial also means that the departed will likely receive a memorial cemetery headstone. With a choice between granite, bronze, marble, or environmentally friendly, which is generally a composite of plant materials, each one is in its own way a thing of beauty. A cemetery burial will also give you a visible symbol that a new chapter has begun in your life.

Another aspect that a cemetery burial brings is that it can give your loved one a connection to the past. With a cemetery burial, one can take comfort in the fact that while this time in your life is painful, he or she is not alone. Everyone who ever had a burial at your cemetery felt much the way you did. Many of them would surely tell you that there is life after losing a loved one. Some will opt for a family plot, where generations of relatives are buried. Someone who has a cemetery burial can take comfort in the belief that if there is an afterlife, perhaps his or her loved one can be reunited with the relatives that he or she grew up with, or never knew.

For couples who decide on companion headstones, vaults, or monuments, a cemetery burial also serves as a good reminder that their loss is only for a moment and believe that one day, they will be reunited with their loved one for all eternity, as his/her body is placed next to his/her spouse's.

There is also something to the formality of a cemetery burial that can be greatly appealing. "If one led a good life," many who practice cemetery burial will argue, “why not honor that to the fullest?"

A grave marker is usually placed on a burial plot well after the person is interredNot only that, cemetery burial is a great way of keeping records for future generations. It is through cemetery burial in fact that many today are learning about their distant ancestors, perhaps from the 17th and 18th centuries, or even further back. The odds with a cemetery burial are good that at least some knowledge of you, if only when you were born and died will be around in another 100 to 200 years, if not longer. When you consider possible ambitious descendents of the future who may be curious to learn about their ancestor, you, this will surely give them a good starting point to work from.

Along these lines, a cemetery burial can also be a great way of identifying yourself with a particular group with whom you had strong connections. If you are a Roman Catholic, it would only make sense that you have a Catholic cemetery burial, and the same holds true for Jews and Protestants as well. It is the hope of many veterans to have an Arlington National Cemetery burial. Some wishing to reflect their ethnic heritage have wanted to be buried with others of a similar cultural background as well. If nothing else could be known about these people, and in many cases, little else can, they would want you to know that during their lives, they were part of a particular group of people. Having a cemetery burial can be a great way to let people know one key thing about your identity. In order to choose what that might be, you need only choose which cemetery you wish to be buried at.

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