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Ideas for Memorializing Your Loved One with the Right Type of Headstone

When it comes to buying a funeral headstone, you may not be aware of the amount of variety that is available. The fact is there is plenty of variety, and, for almost every type of funeral headstone available, you can add adornments that fit almost anyone’s life circumstances. Here is a brief guide to many of the choice available for funeral headstones.

A funeral or cemetery headstone can be personalized to perfectly capture the essence of a loved oneThe first thing to keep in mind that a funeral headstone is no different from a traditional headstone. Many people use the term funeral headstone simply because headstones are connected to funerals in many ways in our modern culture. Typically speaking, most headstones -- even funeral headstones --do not play a large role in most funerals, and that’s because headstones are usually require many weeks to be prepared and, therefore, are not available in time for a typical funeral. That said, it is possible to build a funeral service around a headstone in several ways; most commonly, many people install their own headstones in a cemetery in advance of their deaths (and simply arrange for an engraver to add the death date later). And still other people plan a second memorial service around a newly installed funeral headstone at their cemetery a few weeks after the first service was conducted elsewhere.

If strength is of great importance when buying a funeral headstone, you might consider buying a granite funeral headstone. A granite funeral headstone has enough strength to last for a hundred years without any maintenance at all and perhaps even longer if it is kept up. A granite funeral headstone can also come in a variety of colors, such as pink, grey, white, black, red, or even golden yellow. A granite funeral headstone is a perfect representation of the strength that was in your loved one’s heart.

Did your loved one have a deep sense of the artistic? Why not represent that with a bronze funeral headstone? Like clay to a sculpture, or a canvass to a painting, a bronze funeral headstone gives one A funeral headstone will be a link to the past for many future generationsmore room than any other funeral headstone to work with. From adding a “wood” like lining to adding an engraved picture of your loved one, the possibilities for a bronze funeral headstone are seemingly endless. If you decide to go with a companion funeral headstone, perhaps so that both of your parents can be buried together, a bronze funeral headstone works well for that as well.

Perhaps environmental friendliness is important to you. You can find a beautiful environmentally friendly funeral headstone to fit your needs as well. An environmentally friendly funeral headstone is often one of the most affordable on the market, and can often save you a great deal. That however does not affect its beauty. Like granite and marble headstones, an environmentally friendly funeral headstone is available in many different colors, such as red, green, blue, black, and white, and are sure to be quite a contrast from the standard issue at the cemetery. You can also take comfort in the fact that unlike the typical funeral headstone, mass production does not require taking large amounts of rock out of the earth. With this funeral headstone, you will be doing your part to keep the world green.

After you have made a decision on what materials you will use for your funeral headstone, you should also consider the life circumstances of your loved one. Here are a few examples.

If you have lost a child, his or her funeral headstone should reflect the gentleness and innocence that was in his/her heart. Perhaps with his/her funeral headstone, it might be a good idea to have a teddy bear sculpture, a heart, or an angel. Any of these would look beautiful, regardless of the material with which it is created. There are a number of memorial statues for cemeteries available now in days that range from angelic visions, to heavenly saints, and even some that highlight the beauty in nature, such as a flock of doves. The addition of any of these sculptures can greatly enhance the area, and even provide peace of mind that the tribute to the departed is truly dignified.

There are many options available when personalizing a grave markerIf your loved one was a devoted Christian, who believed deeply in the teachings of the Bible? His/her funeral headstone might have a cross, an open Bible (perhaps with the Ten Commandments) or a sculpture of Jesus to guard his/her grave. This sort of funeral headstone can be made out of virtually any material, but it is perhaps best with either a marble or granite funeral headstone. Likewise, if your loved one was a devout Jew, you should be able to find a funeral headstone with the Star of David. This funeral headstone is a fitting representation of your loved one’s faith in the Law, and the Torah.

Finally, if your loved one spent many years serving America in the military, perhaps even afterwards wearing a cap to remind people of which branch he or she served in and at what time? You might consider reflecting that on your loved one’s headstone, by having the seal of whichever branch of the military he/she served in emblazoned on his/her funeral headstone. Not only that, you may even be able to get this kind of funeral headstone for free. Check your local Veterans Association for details. For these, and for everyone else, there is sure to be a funeral headstone out there for you.

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