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Some Tips for Getting the Best Urn for Your Memorial Service

There are a great many options available when choosing a funeral urn. Here are some ideas and advice that may help you sort through all of the options available as you and your family search for the best urn to memorialize your loved one.

Many people who’s loved ones remains are cremated host a cremation service that has most of the features of a traditional funeral - only the traditional burial ceremony is replaced by a ceremony in which the ashes are either presented to the family, scattered, or even interred traditionally. There are different urns types to serve any need, but funeral urns can accomodate almost any disposition, as well as create a touching and befitting focal point for any memorial service. Families who decide to scatter the ashes will often choose a meaningful location, such as a seaside that was often combed for shells with the departed, a rolling country hill where they spent many lazy days basking in the sun, or even his or her own back yard. In these instances, a sattering funeral urn is sure to serve your Funeral urns often have a decorative design making them ideal for presentationneeds. This funeral urn features a special compartmt make the scattering of the ashes easy and dignified. Those who are scattering them over a body of water may be interested in a biodegradable ash vessel, for which there are many options as well. One of the most popular is a shell-shaped urn that can be placed directly in the body of water, where it will eventually degrade over time.

Also resembling a shell is the biodegradable funeral urn. Like the ceramic funeral urn, this urn is also translucent. Like the light that your loved one was to others when he or she was alive, sunlight can shine through the biodegradable funeral urn creating a beautiful rainbow. Then, when it is time to place it in a grave (in many cases complete with a headstone), you can be sure that it will biodegrade easily and reinvigorate the circle of life.

In some cases, families choose to install their loved one’s funeral urn being alongside the headstone for a long time. And this requires something that can hold up well against the elements: that would be the metal funeral urn. Most metal funeral cremation urns are made from either bronze or brass, and many have a classical appearance reminiscent of the legendary Aladdin’s Lamp. There are however other options as well. If your loved one had an affinity for a particular subject, for example music or books, a symbol can be placed on the funeral urn to represent that love. You can also be confident that this kind of funeral urn will stand up well against the elements, and should remain intact for a long time as it sits next to your loved one’s headstone-- or any other outdoor memorial display.

Some who wish to keep a small part of their loved ones with them will opt for a keepsake funeral urn. These can come in two styles. One will fit nicely on your countertop as a decorative item. Another is a beautiful piece of jewelry, such as a bracelet, necklace, or earring, insuring that a piece of your loved one will travel with you wherever you go. These types of funeral urns have become very popular with families in recent years who wish to share their loved one’s remains with each other despite living great distances from one another.

A popular type of funeral urn is the Cloisonne funeral urn. Designed with ornate Chinese tapestry, you are sure to appreciate the beauty of this funeral urn. The beauty of this funeral urn should remind you Funeral urns are available in a number of designs to befit any personalityof the beauty that was inside of your loved one’s heart every day of his/her life. The cloisonne funeral urn has been in service for centuries, but took a bit of a back seat for much of the 20th century. It has recently become reclaiming its status as a funeral urn style of choice. Cloisonne allows for both luxurious texture and elaborate designs, and that combination seems to be very appealing to the modern market for funeral urns. It’s interesting, then, that the process used to make cloisonne urns is decades old.

Another fast type of funeral urn is the fan urn. If your loved one was a sports fan, he or she is sure to appreciate this. Now his or her urn can have the logo of his/her favorite sports team. From soccer, to baseball, to football, to NASCAR racing and all other sports, there is sure to be a fan funeral urn that will capture your loved one’s appreciation for the game.

You can also get a funeral urn that does not resemble a vase. A cultured funeral urn, generally made of marble, often appears like a figurine, such as an angel, a cross, dolphins, or any number of other designs. This funeral urn also gives one the option of writing something about your loved one, as you will with the headstone, perhaps something to the effect of “Gone but not forgotten,” or “We will miss you,” This funeral urn captures just the right combination of beauty and solemnity that will surely have you admiring its beauty.

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