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Information and Ideas about a Fast Growing Memorial Trend

Having a home funeral, instead of at a church or funeral home has become a rapidly emerging trend in America. Perhaps you yourself have considered having one for a departed loved one. If so, the following information and ideas may be of service.

Holding a funeral at home is a longstanding tradition for manyMany people feel that handing a departed loved one’s body over to a funeral director denies them the closeness that they need with their loved ones remains in the days following their deaths. This has led in many instances to “Mom” and “Dad” or “son and daughter” becoming surrogate funeral directors themselves. On top of that, just as baby boomers did almost everything else differently than their parents generation, as they begin to pass on, they are also considering death and burial arrangements differently. This is paving the way for new interest in having a home funeral.

What are some of the advantages of a home funeral, and how is it unique?

A home funeral is what you make it. You could decide on an otherwise very traditional home funeral, with a minister, hymns, eulogies, and everything else that would normally take place. The advantage to this kind of home funeral is that it breathes familiarity in every direction, from the service itself to the setting, your backyard, which the guests have no doubt been to many times. It is however by no means the only option.

You could also choose a more non-traditional home funeral as well. Perhaps for you the sentiment of a home funeral is all in its simplicity. About 1/3 of all who died in 2004 were cremated. This type of home funeral might appeal to loved ones who made the decision to do so. It involves spreading the ashes of your loved one over your backyard, perhaps as each guest says a few words about their relationships with the departed. For those who are spreading the ashes, there are a number of ways to preserve a small amount of ashes in remembrance. For example, token cremation ash keepsakes are small vessels that have the same dignity and appearance as traditional cremation urns, but the smaller size makes them more appropriate for both a small amount of remains, as well as discreet placement in the home.

You may also find that a home funeral is remarkably more affordable than a traditional one. For a home funeral, you may only be looking at little more than the cost of cremation, which would mean a total price tag that is far less than a traditional funeral -- sometimes the savings may equal thousands of dollars. In uncertain economic times, many feel the need to save everything that they can. A home funeral is a perfect solution for that.

You may want to consider what floral arrangements that you have for your home funeral. If the funeral is in your backyard, you might think about lining your fences with flowers, such as roses, tulips, and magnolias, perhaps along with a garland or two to string around the edges. This will allow you to have some of the accoutrements of a traditional funeral at a fraction of the cost.

A home funeral can be greatly comforting to suriviving friends and familySo common has the practice of having a home funeral become that some companies now center completely on helping people to plan them for their departed loved ones. Some of these companies will even offer pamphlets and a refresher course on how to plan a home funeral, including, if you should decide on it, officiating a home funeral service all on your own. There are even instances in which funeral homes themselves will offer advice on how to plan a home funeral, such as ideas for cremation, video tributes, and in some circumstances even Government assistance, should the need arise.

If you are an environmentally conscious person, a home funeral might appeal to you, since the body is typically cremated. This allows families to scatter the remains, which will then help to renew the earth once again, due to the nutrients of the body in the cremated remains. This helps conserve and protect the earth’s resources, and your loved one’s home funeral might be looked upon as his or her last good deed for humanity.

Having a home funeral is in many ways non-traditional, but it is in another way extremely traditional. For most of history, especially in rural areas, when hearses, funeral homes, and cemeteries were basically non-existent, every funeral bore more resemblance than not to a home funeral. It was a fact of life. In the end, a home funeral can be one of the most affordable funerals, as well as one of the most environmentally friendly, and you can also likely be more assured than with any other type of funeral that everything goes perfectly according to plan.

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