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A Guide to Coping with Loss and Grief

How a funeral helps with grief is an important question that deserves a thorough exploration. Fortunately, plenty of experts have delved into this topic, and here are some of the things they have discovered in their research.

One way of how a funeral helps grief, some experts say, is in the fact that, like a book-end, a funeral can help you to feel a sense of closure to your loved one’s well lived life. Many people find that, in the company of friends and family at a funeral, grief is alleviated simply through the sharing. Others can provide a shoulder to cry on, a hug, or just be there for you as you go through this difficult time in your life, and that is a great benefit in dealing with grief. Around this time, many people will also find themselves reminiscing about the good times with their loved ones. This is good and very healthy, and it is one more way of how a funeral helps grief.

Funerals help gain acceptance of a situation, and allow people to take the right step towards copingExperts in a number of fields argue that an important factor in how a funeral helps grief can also depend on what you believe about the afterlife? If you believe that you will be reunited with your loved one in the hereafter, a funeral that emphasizes this idea can be a way of how a funeral helps grief. If however, you do not believe in an afterlife, many funerals will offer a host of ways in which you can remind yourself what your loved one has done here on earth, and how his legacy will live on far after he/she has passed. Thinking on that sort of thing will do wonders for helping with grief.

Interestingly enough, how a funeral helps grief will also depend on whether there is a luncheon, experts say. This is not to suggest, of course, that your grief cannot be helped without one, but it will be helped all the more so if you do have one. There is something about food that is there to help us in even the worst of times. We feel better after we have eaten, psychologists theorize. And, from a practical perspective, joining your fellow funeral attendees for a luncheon also gives you and your loved ones more time to think about the good times with your loved one, how or she used to make you laugh, how wise it was when he or she said this or that, and how many people your loved one helped in his or her life.

Still another way of how a funeral helps grief if you are a religious person is that you can take solace from the different aspects of the service, including the hymns, psalms, and the sermon. Each of these have words of encouragement that you should meditate on. Pastors and other experts in the realm of theology are quick to offer this type of advise to the people they counsel who are struggling through the stages of grief.

Grief is felt when one endures any significant loss in their livesWriting a funeral poems or a eulogy will be yet another way of how a funeral helps grief. Artists such as poets and novelists are experts in this type of help for grief, and many have testified that they can be of service even to the non-artistically inclined. You will find all of a sudden as you are writing it that your mind will be moved from the sadness of the moment to joy over having known such an endearing person as your loved one. If you consider all of your loved one’s character traits that made him/her who he/she was, you will find grief to simply melt away.

You will find that yet another way of how a funeral helps grief is that it gives you the ability to help the grief of others. A funeral gives you a time to be there for all of your family and friends, and that is an important function, psychologically, as we dive through our various stages of grief, scientists suggest. You should not then be surprised when Uncle Billy or Aunt Suzie needs a hug or a word of encouragement. As you encourage them, you yourself will feel better, and it will be another way of how a funeral helps grief.

Finally, if you can afford it, setting up a scholarship fund or memorial trust in your loved one’s name - and launching the campaign for donations to that account during the funeral service - can be a superb example of how a funeral helps grief. Often, if this is the case, one may even consider creating a memorial bronze plaque marker, to honor the unselfish nature of the lost individual, who made it possible for these charities to receive a little more funds. Depending on where the money goes, this could allow young Johnny to go to college, or help Jenny to overcome a debilitating disease. Thinking of all the people your loved one’s legacy will help through such a program is a great way to cope with the loss of a loved one.

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