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Planning Luncheons After Funerals

A Memorial Tradition That Can Help with Grieving

How planning luncheons after funerals began is something of a mystery, but many believe that the practice was started among the German immigrants moving to this country, who did not have a lot of money. When the bread winner of the household died, the neighbors, family, and friends of the deceased would gather around for a meal, and the idea was that the immediate family members live on what was left afterwards for a while until they could figure out some other way to make money. Over time however this has become an important part of how Americans, and many around the world, say farewell to their beloved family members.

Funeral Luncheons offer grieving families a chance to heal with their loved onesSo what about you? You know how to throw a party, but what about planning luncheons after funerals?

First off, when planning lunches after funerals, experts recommend that you have enough for 110% of the expected funeral guests. This will assure plenty of left over’s, of course, but families who are experiencing the loss of a loved one often find it very comforting to have plenty of food ready to go quickly for several days after a funeral. Cooking and meal preparation is often the last thing that a family wants or needs to contend with in the days after a funeral is The easiest way to make sure that everyone is fed is probably to hire a catering company. Some catering companies have in fact made the majority of their livelihoods off of planning luncheons after funerals at very affordable rates... They are professionals and know what to do. Besides, why leave it up to yourself and your friends and family participating in the funeral? Surely other aspects of funerals and planning luncheons after funerals deserve a great deal of your time.

What you serve will obviously be up to you when planning luncheons after funerals, but there are some familiar crowd pleasers that are sure to hit a positive note with those in attendance. There is really no set menu for funeral food, but one simply cannot go wrong with any of the following: roasted chicken, sirloin beef, baked potatoes, brisket, finger sandwiches, or sausages and beans, just to name a few. Some families have been known to honor their loved-ones with a full-fledge barbeque cook-out in the hours immediately after the funeral. This is probably not the time to educate everyone about the latest diet foods; they can pick those up later.

Displaying meaningful remembrances at a luncheon can help honor the lost individualAnother aspect that you should keep in mind when planning luncheons after funerals is asking for donations to offset expenses. You should not be ashamed to ask for donations from friends and family when planning luncheons after funerals, especially with the market such as it is today. Some people may be afraid to ask for such help, but, especially at a time of need, most people will be happy to ease the burden of planning a funeral after a luncheon. In fact, they may be grateful for the opportunity to help ease the pain of grief.

A funeral luncheon can also present a great opportunity for families to talk about how they would like to see the lost individual memorialized. It is not uncommon for families to struggle with the decisions that need to made when creating a memorial for a loved one. This time can allow for families (especially members who are usually far from home) to briefly talk about what they would like to see in terms of a memorial. Maybe even a few of these individuals would like to donate their funds to this particular project, which is also very helpful to those who were not left a trust or who's love done passed suddenly.

In general planning luncheons after funerals is an easy practice, and if you have enough to go around, and you stick with the time tested crowd pleasers, you almost cannot go wrong. Moreover, and most importantly, a properly planned funeral luncheon can allow grieving families to relax, and simply catch up with their loved ones. That alone can greatly help ease the pain and stress of the loss of their dearly departed, and help everyone take a great step towards healing together.

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